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Canadian Coins and Rolls

1-Cent, Large, 1858-1901 (Victoria)
1-Cent, Large, 1902-10 (Edward VII)
1-Cent, Large, 1911-20 (George V)
1-Cent, Small, 1920-36 (George V)
1-Cent, 1937-52 (George VI)
1-Cent, 1953-date (Elizabeth II)
Special Offerings of 1-Cent Coins
5-Cents, 1858-1901 (Victoria)
5-Cents, 1902-10 (Edward VII)
5-Cents, Silver, 1911-21 (George V)
5-Cents, Nickel, 1922-36 (George V)
5-Cents, 1937-52 (George VI)
5-Cents, 1953-date (Elizabeth II)
Special Offerings of 5-Cent Coins
10-Cents, 1858-1901 (Victoria)
10-Cents, 1902-10 (Edward VII)
10-Cents, 1911-36 (George V)
10-Cents, 1937-52 (George VI)
10-Cents, 1953-date (Elizabeth II)
Special Offerings of 10-Cent Coins
20-Cents, 1858 (Victoria)
25-Cents, 1870-1901 (Victoria)
25-Cents, 1902-10 (Edward VII)
25-Cents, 1911-36 (George V)
25-Cents, 1937-52 (George VI)
25-Cents, 1953-date (Elizabeth II)
Special Offerings of 25-Cent Coins
50-Cents, 1870-1901 (Victoria)
50-Cents, 1902-10 (Edward VII)
50-Cents, 1911-36 (George V)
50-Cents, 1937-52 (George VI)
50-Cents, 1953-date (Elizabeth II)
Special Offerings of 50-Cent Coins
$1, Silver, 1935-36 (George V)
$1, Silver, 1937-52 (George VI)
$1, Silver, 1953-67 (Elizabeth II)
Special Offerings of Silver $1 Coins
$1, Nickel, 1968-87 (Elizabeth II)
$1, Loon, 1987-date (Elizabeth II)
$2, Bi-metalic, 1996-date (Elizabeth II)
Canadian Gold Sovereigns, 1908-19
$5, Gold, 1912-14 (George V)
$10, Gold, 1912-14 (George V)
ROLLS, 1-Cent, 1911-36
ROLLS, 5-Cent, 1911-36
ROLLS, Canadian Coinage, 1937-date

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