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Canadian Coins and Rolls

1-Cent, Large, 1858-1901 (Victoria)
1-Cent, Large, 1902-10 (Edward VII)
1-Cent, Large, 1911-20 (George V)
1-Cent, Small, 1920-36 (George V)
1-Cent, 1937-52 (George VI)
1-Cent, 1953-date (Elizabeth II)
Special Offerings of 1-Cent Coins
5-Cents, 1858-1901 (Victoria)
5-Cents, 1902-10 (Edward VII)
5-Cents, Silver, 1911-21 (George V)
5-Cents, Nickel, 1922-36 (George V)
5-Cents, 1937-52 (George VI)
5-Cents, 1953-date (Elizabeth II)
Special Offerings of 5-Cent Coins
10-Cents, 1858-1901 (Victoria)
10-Cents, 1902-10 (Edward VII)
10-Cents, 1911-36 (George V)
10-Cents, 1937-52 (George VI)
10-Cents, 1953-date (Elizabeth II)
Special Offerings of 10-Cent Coins
20-Cents, 1858 (Victoria)
25-Cents, 1870-1901 (Victoria)
25-Cents, 1902-10 (Edward VII)
25-Cents, 1911-36 (George V)
25-Cents, 1937-52 (George VI)
25-Cents, 1953-date (Elizabeth II)
Special Offerings of 25-Cent Coins
50-Cents, 1870-1901 (Victoria)
50-Cents, 1902-10 (Edward VII)
50-Cents, 1911-36 (George V)
50-Cents, 1937-52 (George VI)
50-Cents, 1953-date (Elizabeth II)
Special Offerings of 50-Cent Coins
$1, Silver, 1935-36 (George V)
$1, Silver, 1937-52 (George VI)
$1, Silver, 1953-67 (Elizabeth II)
Special Offerings of Silver $1 Coins
$1, Nickel, 1968-87 (Elizabeth II)
$1, Loon, 1987-date (Elizabeth II)
$2, Bi-metalic, 1996-date (Elizabeth II)
Canadian Gold Sovereigns, 1908-19
$5, Gold, 1912-14 (George V)
$10, Gold, 1912-14 (George V)
ROLLS, 1-Cent, 1911-36
ROLLS, 5-Cent, 1911-36
ROLLS, Canadian Coinage, 1937-date

$1, Silver, 1935-36 (George V)

Coins weigh 23.33 grams with a diameter of 36 mm and have a composition of .800 silver, .200 copper.

This is the first silver dollar in circulation for Canada. The reverse was of a bundle of goods in a canoe manned by an Indian and a voyageur, a traveling agent of a fur company. In the background, is an islet on which two wind swept trees sit.

For coins with significant silver content the prices will be adjusted to current market equivalent when an order is filled.

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Year Mintage VF20 EF40 AU50 MS60 MS62 MS63 MS64 MS65
1935  428,707     40.00       45.00       50.00       60.00       65.00       80.00       125.00       300.00   
1936  399,600     32.00       34.00       40.00       70.00       80.00       140.00       300.00       600.00   
Blue Velvet Silver Dollar Presentation Case (holds 46 coins)  n/a     59.95                 
Special Capsules for Silver Dollar Case  n/a     1.00                 
All prices shown in Canadian Dollars