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Canadian Coins and Rolls

1-Cent, Large, 1858-1901 (Victoria)
1-Cent, Large, 1902-10 (Edward VII)
1-Cent, Large, 1911-20 (George V)
1-Cent, Small, 1920-36 (George V)
1-Cent, 1937-52 (George VI)
1-Cent, 1953-date (Elizabeth II)
Special Offerings of 1-Cent Coins
5-Cents, 1858-1901 (Victoria)
5-Cents, 1902-10 (Edward VII)
5-Cents, Silver, 1911-21 (George V)
5-Cents, Nickel, 1922-36 (George V)
5-Cents, 1937-52 (George VI)
5-Cents, 1953-date (Elizabeth II)
Special Offerings of 5-Cent Coins
10-Cents, 1858-1901 (Victoria)
10-Cents, 1902-10 (Edward VII)
10-Cents, 1911-36 (George V)
10-Cents, 1937-52 (George VI)
10-Cents, 1953-date (Elizabeth II)
Special Offerings of 10-Cent Coins
20-Cents, 1858 (Victoria)
25-Cents, 1870-1901 (Victoria)
25-Cents, 1902-10 (Edward VII)
25-Cents, 1911-36 (George V)
25-Cents, 1937-52 (George VI)
25-Cents, 1953-date (Elizabeth II)
Special Offerings of 25-Cent Coins
50-Cents, 1870-1901 (Victoria)
50-Cents, 1902-10 (Edward VII)
50-Cents, 1911-36 (George V)
50-Cents, 1937-52 (George VI)
50-Cents, 1953-date (Elizabeth II)
Special Offerings of 50-Cent Coins
$1, Silver, 1935-36 (George V)
$1, Silver, 1937-52 (George VI)
$1, Silver, 1953-67 (Elizabeth II)
Special Offerings of Silver $1 Coins
$1, Nickel, 1968-87 (Elizabeth II)
$1, Loon, 1987-date (Elizabeth II)
$2, Bi-metalic, 1996-date (Elizabeth II)
Canadian Gold Sovereigns, 1908-19
$5, Gold, 1912-14 (George V)
$10, Gold, 1912-14 (George V)
ROLLS, 1-Cent, 1911-36
ROLLS, 5-Cent, 1911-36
ROLLS, Canadian Coinage, 1937-date

Canadian Gold Sovereigns, 1908-19

Denomination: One Pound, or $4.40 (not shown on the coin)
Composition: 22kt Gold, alloyed with copper.
Issued: From 1908 to 1919.

Beginning in 1908 the sovereign was struck in Canada. Not because it was a useful or required denomination in commerce, but rather because the new Ottawa branch of the Royal Mint with its ties to England was obligated to mint sovereigns on request. The mintages are very small, and usually were produced only by special order to facilitate exports of funds by companies settling foreign accounts. The 1908 coin was struck only in specimen quality for inclusion in the specimen sets of 1908.

All Canadian sovereigns have a small "C" mintmark on them above the date denoting the country of production. In other technical respects, the sovereigns are identical in size and weight to British sovereigns. The rarest date, 1916, was thought to have had most of its mintage melted, although this is by no means a substantiated fact.

1908-C sovereigns only exist as specimens. Grade lower than -60 are impaired specimens. Where a 1908-C sovereign appears under an "MS" column, read as "SP".

The small letter "C" appearing above the date refers the the mintmark "Canada" of the Ottawa Mint. Unlisted sovereigns can be quoted on based on availability if you contact us directly.

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Description Mintage EF40 AU50 MS60 MS62 MS63
King Edward VII 1 1908C  636     5,500.00       6,500.00       7,500.00       9,500.00       12,500.00   
King Edward VII 1 1909C  16,237     1,000.00       1,050.00       1,200.00       1,900.00       3,500.00   
King Edward VII 1 1910C  2,812     1,000.00       1,050.00       1,200.00       1,900.00       3,500.00   
King George V 1 1911C  256,946     600.00       610.00       625.00       640.00       700.00   
King George V 1 1913C  3,715     1,800.00       2,100.00       2,900.00       3,500.00       4,500.00   
King George V 1 1914C  14,891     750.00       800.00       1,000.00       1,200.00       1,500.00   
King George V 1 1916C  6,111  Rare  Please  Call  For  Price 
King George V 1 1917C  58,845     620.00       630.00       650.00       675.00       700.00   
King George V 1 1918C  106,516     620.00       630.00       650.00       675.00       1,100.00   
King George V 1 1919C  135,889     620.00       630.00       650.00       675.00       900.00   
All prices shown in Canadian Dollars