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Silver Maple Leaf Coins

Denomination: $5 (1 oz.) $50 (1998 10 oz.); Composition: .9999 Silver; Weight: 31.15 grams (311.5 grams 1998 10 oz.); Diameter: 38.0 mm (65.0 mm 1998 10 oz.); Thickness: 3.21 mm (11.0 mm 1998); Issued: Beginning in 1988 and every year since (10 oz. version in 1998 only).

What started as a new addition to Canada's family of bullion coins grew into a widely collected series of large silver coins. All the coins show a large maple leaf, and Queen Elizabeth II. Reeded edge. Issue received a late start in 1988 and thusly started out initially as a hard to find item. Large mintages in 1989 and 1990 solved that problem, although the 1988 continues to have a smaller mintage than most issues. Because these coins are large, precious metal, monetized and really very low priced in comparison to similar coins, the issue has become widely collected by date. What makes the issue even more interesting is that some of the dates have surprisingly low mintages and can be difficult to find.

All coins come either sealed individually in plastic with the mint logo impressed in the selvage of the plastic or in tubes of 25 pieces. The sheets of 10 may be separated for single coins. Coins not in their original packaging trade at a discount. All coins are issued in BU with semi-prooflike surfaces. The 1989 is also available as a proof commemorative. Silver maple leafs make excellent and popular gifts, and also continue to be one of the most attractive ways to buy one oz silver units for the investor. No matter how you slice it, silver maple leafs deserve a closer look. Special colourized and hologram Silver Maple Leaf coins are listed in the "Royal Canadian Mint" section of this website catalogue.

The silver Maple Leaf coins were originally shipped in wrapped sheets/strips of 10 coins. Recently the Mint has changed and now they are issued in tubes of 25 coins. These tubes are shipped in yellow plastic boxes of 500, often referred to as a "monster box" of silver Maple Leaf coins.

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Year Mintage Price
1967 Maple Leaf Medal    On Request 
1988  1,062,000  On Request 
1989  3,332,200  On Request 
1989 Proof  30,000  On Request 
1990  1,078,800  On Request 
1991  644,300  On Request 
1992  343,800  On Request 
1993  1,133,900  On Request 
1994  889,946  On Request 
1995  326,244  On Request 
1996  250,445  On Request 
1997  100,970  On Request 
1998  591,359  On Request 
1998 10 oz. Silver Maple Leaf   13,533     680.00   
1999  1,229,442  On Request 
1999-2000 Dual-Dated  298,775  On Request 
2000  403,652  On Request 
2001  398,563  On Request 
2002  576,196  On Request 
2003  684,750  On Request 
2004  680,925  On Request 
2005  955,694  On Request 
2006    On Request 
2007    On Request 
2008    On Request 
2008 Olympic Inukshuk Silver Maple Leaf    On Request 
2009    On Request 
2009 Olympic Thunderbird Silver Maple Leaf    On Request 
2010    On Request 
2010 Olympic Hockey Silver Maple Leaf  To Demand  On Request 
Complete Set 1988-2010 (24 coins includes 1999-2000)  n/a  On Request 
Deluxe Silver Maple Leaf Case (1988 to date) Taxes Apply to This Item  n/a     59.95   
Deluxe Silver Maple Leaf Capsules for above case, ea. Taxes Apply to This Item  n/a     1.00   
All prices shown in Canadian Dollars