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Composition: Gold Eagles are .917 gold created by alloying gold with copper.
Issued: Beginning in 1986-date. All selections are "Dates Our Choice."

These coins are the United States answer to a bullion coin for investors. This means that generally the coins have no value to a collector, only the content of the metal contained. However, some of the dates had low mintages produced, making them of numismatic interest. Additionally, proof editions in luxury cases were produced for most dates with the express intention of targeting both the collector and upscale investor market.

Numismatic premiums are the exception rather than the rule for most of the entire series, excepting the proof editions which do carry notable premiums. The Bullion Eagle series depicts the Walking Liberty design reminiscent of the fifty cent piece of 1916-1947 and the Twenty Dollar St. Gaudens design of 1907-1933. On the gold edition, the date is sometimes expressed in Roman numerals. Take care not to confuse this issue with the circulating gold coins of the U.S. up to 1933, also known as Quarter Eagle, Half Eagle, Eagle, and Double Eagle.

Gold Eagles were issued from 1986 to present. Some of the sizes in some of the years have a collector value. However, we only buy and sell as common dates. For collectible versions, please provide us with your Want List.

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