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10-Cent Coins and Sets

Denomination: 10-Cents; Composition 1997, 2000 and 2001: 92.5% silver, 7.5% copper; Composition 2004: Three-ply nickel; Weight 1997, 2000 and 2001: 2.4 grams; Weight 2004: 1.75 grams; Diameter 1997, 2000 and 2001: 18.0 mm; Diameter 2004: 18.03 mm; Thickness 1997, 2000 and 2001: 1.2 mm; Thickness 2004: 1.22 mm; Edge: Reeded; Finish 1997, 2000 and 2001: Proof; Finish 2004: circulation; Mintage: varies by year of issue (see below)

The 1997 Cabot Commemorative celebrates the 500th anniversary of the voyage of Giovani Caboto (aka John Cabot), who sighted "Newfoundland" in 1497 and is credited with opening North America for settlement. The 2000 Desjardins Commemorative pays tribute to Alphonse Desjardins, an extraordinary man who redefined quality of life for the working class by founding North America's first credit union. The 2001 Year of the Volunteer Commemorative celebrates the people who volunteer their time to make a difference. The 2004 issue celebrates the 100th Anniversary of the Canadian Open Golf Championship and is available in two gift sets, one that includes two round stamps and a divot repair tool, the other is a framed portrait style with a pewter medallion and a special $5 coin.

Please note that this catalogue is used as both an ordering tool and the only online reference list of its kind. We do not always have every item available in every grade, nor do we have every older coin or set. However, we tend to have many items available in many grades. Rare or hard to obtain items may not be available. Anything not currently available can be located for you if you request by sending an e-mail, fax, or by calling.

Description Mintage Price
1497-1997 500th Anniversary Cabot Commemorative  49,848     20.00   
1900-2000 100th Anniversary of Desjardins Credit Union  69,791     7.00   
2001 Year of the Volunteer Commemorative  37,029     12.00   
2004 Canada Open Golf Coin, Stamp, and Divot Tool Gift Set  37,500     10.00   
2004 Canada Open Golf Framed with Coins and Stamps Gift Set  25,000     35.00   
2015 .9999 Silver Big Coin Series - 10-Cents [549.95]  1,500  Sold out 
2016 .9999 Silver Big Coin Series - 10-Cents  1,500     519.95   
2017 .9999 Silver Big Coin Series - 10-Cents Alex Colville Designs  2,150     559.95   
All prices shown in Canadian Dollars