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ICCS 1-Cent Coins

Following are a few samples of our current ICCS coin inventory. As part of an experiment we will begin listing a small sample of coins with images for our clients. This page features some Canadian 1-cent coins. If you find these images helpful in your decision process and would like us to list images of all our graded coins, please send us an e-mail with your feedback. If this service is popular we will be expanding the lists.

Description Trends J&M Price
ICCS 1899 1 MS-65 Red (Cert. # BX 384)  $1,175.00     1,100.00   
ICCS 1938 1 MS-65 Red (Cert. # QQ 245)   $90.00     75.00   
ICCS 1939 1 MS-65 Red (Cert. # QQ 312)   $45.00     35.00   
ICCS 1947 1 MS-65 Red (Cert. # QQ 354)  $60.00     50.00   
ICCS 1955 1 MS-65 Shoulder Fold, Red (Cert. # QQ 003)   $50.00     40.00   
All prices shown in Canadian Dollars