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J&M Coin Dip: For silver coins, just dip and rinse. Cleans instantly. J&M advises that not all coins should be cleaned. In fact, unless you have consulted with an expert, or an advance collector, cleaning should not be attempted as you may actually harm your coin. However, for those coins that would benefit from a light once over, this is our best choice. Completely safe when used properly. (Regret this item is only available in the store as we are unable to ship it.)

Lighthouse Coin Cleaning Fluids: Each type of metal has it's own cleaning fluid. (These liquids can be safely shipped)

Coin Tongs: Tongs with spring action and rubber tip to help hold coin while using our coin dip.

Oneida Silver Polish: An anti-tarnish formula, cleans, polishes and protects. Pleasantly scented. Apply with cloth or sponge, then rinse in warm water and dry. Not recommended for use on coins but suitable for jewellery or flatware.

Million Dollar Bills: These non-negotiable notes are hot sellers and make great gifts. The Canadian note is very high quality printed on realistic linen/paper and come in numbered presentation envelopes. The USA Just For Fun notes feature the Statue of Liberty as their central art.

Lighthouse Digital Scales and Digital Slide Gauges: The scales feature an LCD display, fold down to pocket-size, run on 2x AAA batteries (80 x 120 mm); the Slide Gauge is switchable from inches to millimeters, includes a depth indicator, 6-digit LCD display, battery is included, accuracy is 0.03 mm.

CHQ Pocket Scale: DJ Series, 6 unit modes (grams, ounces, penny weights, troy ounces, carats, tl). Three AAA batteries included.

Gemini-20 Portable Milligram Scale: High precision, weighs up to 20g in 0.001g (1 mg) increments, (weighs in grams, ounces, carat, ozt, dwt, and gn), includes carrying case, tray, and calibration weight

Description Price
J&M Coin Dip (142 ml)  Only in Store 
J&M Coin Dip (1 gallon)  Only in Store 
Lighthouse Regular Tongs with rubber Tip M Pi 1(313240)     5.55   
Lighthouse Superior Wide Grip Tongs with Rubber Tip Pi 9 (331264)     11.95   
USA Non-Negotiable Million Dollar Bill     4.95   
Lightouse Cotton Coin Glove BW HAND     4.20   
Lighthouse Gold Coin Cleaning Fluid, 7 oz. (200 ml) GOLD     10.35   
Lighthouse Silver Coin Cleaning Fluid, 7 oz. (150 ml) SILBER     7.95   
Lighthouse Copper Coin Cleaning Fluid, 7 oz. (200 ml) KUPFER     10.35   
Lighthouse Extra Mild Coin Cleaning Fluid (for all coins without oxidation), 7 oz. (200 ml) MR UNI     10.35   
Lighthouse Pocket-Size Digital Scale, 0.01 to 50 grams DW 1 (303863)     39.95   
Lighthouse Pocket-Size Digital Scale, 0.1 to 500 grams DW 2 (326729)     35.95   
Lighthouse Pocket-Size Digital Slide Gauge SL 1 (308684)     39.95   
CHQ Pocket Scale     49.95   
Gemini-20 Portable Milligram Scale     49.95   
Lighthouse Vibration Cleaner (317590)     25.55   
Lighthouse Coin / Jewellery Polishing Cloth (327112)     4.75   
All prices shown in Canadian Dollars