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Buying U.S.A. Coins from J&M

All selections are "Dates Our Choice" unless specific dates are identified.

The United States coinage series is an extremely vast and complex set. In fact, only one complete set has ever been assembled and has now since been auctioned off in pieces, distributing it across the globe again.

We at J&M, due to our close proximity to the United States, receive a fair number of U.S. coins across our counters. As we are mainly specialists in Canadian coins we frequently do not have the staffing resources necessary to properly grade, attribute and price the coins that come in. For us, it is simpler just to sort the coins by type and offer them in bulk lots, cutting down our work tremendously. That is not to say that we don't have coins available by date, nor does it mean that you will find rare dates in our bulk lots. But it more or less meets you half way by combining decent coins with decent prices.

Our prices are very reasonable and prices well within market tolerances. Our supplies of these coins do vary, but most our selections are always available, or available with only short delay. Groups such as these are excellent media for filling in dates for your collection in rapid succession, allowing you to concentrate on locating only the scarcer coins you require; in short, some of the work is done for you. There may be duplication of dates in some lots, unless they are stated to be all different.

Please note that this catalogue is used as both an ordering tool and the only online reference list of its kind. We do not always have every item available in every grade, nor do we have every older coin or set. However, we tend to have most items available in most grades. Rare or hard to obtain items may not be available. Anything not currently available can be located for you if you request by sending an e-mail, fax, or by calling.