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Buying Banknotes from J&M

PREFIX COLLECTORS: We will endeavor to provide you with any specific prefixes you require. Some prefixes may not be available at the listed prices but we will try to provide as many for you at the listed prices as we can, or offer better ones to you at individual prices. This list is only a sample. We have our inventory broken down by printers, signatures, tints, engraving, ect. Send us your want list if you don't see what you are looking for here. There will be no obligation to buy, just priority notification if something should become available for you.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Most notes in stock at time of writing but are subject to prior sale. A few notes we only have one of so acting quickly on these items will be to your advantage. Some of the notes we do not have, but will attempt to locate for you at the listed prices if you are interested. Some notes are so scarce that we don't list them, although they do exist in the catalogue references. There is a chance rare notes may be available if you will enquire directly with the shop.

J&M Can Help You With Your Banknote Collection:
The post 1935 series of Canadian banknote collecting is one of the most popular ones. The Bank of Canada is essentially the only bank to issue a widespread national currency from this time on, so it can be grouped as one whole collector segment. Also, the material tends to be more widely available, so collectors can keep their interest alive by being able to add to one's collection with moderate frequency. And, the amount of knowledge known about the series is quite good leading to a high degree of specialization possible. And finally, with respect to the current series, it is an expanding series. Therefore, it is always a source of enjoyment to find new notes or varieties in circulation which may not have been reported to the collecting public yet, new signatures, or fancy serial numbers. For the researcher, it is possible to create ground breaking study reports on a particularly specialized facet of the series. At J&M we try and keep our inventory as highly specialized as we can. We realize that every single note has a life all its own with a story tell, and may be sought by one collector or passed by another. Occasionally we will try and make a list of notes that have unusual or different characteristics which may fall outside the scope of standard catalogue listings.

Introduction to J&M's Banknote Inventory:
At J&M we are interested in supplying the collector with every note we can. To this end, our inventory is broken down into all possible varieties, including sub varieties too small to be listed in standard references. We try to price all notes in our inventory reasonably based not only on collector demand but also our stock levels and experience, and wherever possible we try to price wholly within catalogue parameters. Your want lists are enthusiastically accepted, and actively worked. But, never will we acquire items specifically for you without getting your approval first. Your want list will usually give you priority notification if something should become available for you in our inventory. Our inventory at this time does not include any world notes, just Canadian and we may also feature the occasional United States note. Our grading is strict and accurate, but if you for any reason are not satisfied with any note you order, we would warmly invite you to return it for either and exchange or full cash refund. We are also very interested in making you cash offers for any quality Canadian banknotes you may have, be they surplus to your needs, or an organized sale of your collection. We are keenly interested in all Canadian government paper money from 1935 and 1937. We also have requirements for many of the later issues of 1954 to date with particular interest in UNC notes and errors or special serial numbers. All Dominion notes are required. We also stock many quality accessories for the care of your collection listed in our Accessories section.