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Canadian Tokens

Provincial and Colonial Trade Tokens
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Provincial and Colonial Trade Tokens

Lots are G and better with no damaged coins.

Before Canada became a country, many provincial government's merchant tokens were used as money. The coins shipped from France and England were insufficient to meet the needs of the colonies.

Tokens were issued and used primarily from 1810 to about 1870. Prices do not reflect the scarcity of these early tokens. Many varieties exist. However, categorizing and sorting is very time consuming. We sell in bulk to save save time. You can find some better varieties in our mix if you are an expert and have the time to catalogue them.

Please note that this catalogue is used as both an ordering tool and the only online reference list of its kind. We do not always have every item available in every grade, nor do we have every older coin or set. However, we tend to have many items available in many grades. Rare or hard to obtain items may not be available. Anything not currently available can be located for you if you request by sending an e-mail, fax, or by calling.

Description G VG F VF
50 tokens of our choice (maximum 8 different)     200.00       350.00       500.00       650.00   
100 tokens of our choice (maximum 8 different)     350.00       650.00       900.00       1,250.00   
10 Different Tokens (J&M's choice)     50.00       75.00       110.00       250.00   
All prices shown in Canadian Dollars