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Info and Links

To help you in your search for information about coins and collectibles, J&M provides the following list of general information about coin and banknote collecting as well as external coin, auction, mint, bullion, and otherwise related websites you may find of interest.

Please let us know if you have a new link to suggest or if you have found a broken link in this section.

J&M's Coin Grading Standards - A handy reference guide that describes how to determine a coin's condition (grade) in industry standard terms.

Coin Collecting Resources - Information about the history and origins of money, tips for collecting, and other useful information related to the hobby. - More tips and techniques, with images, to explain coin grades.

Guide to Coin Collecting - Information about numismatics, the science of studying coins.

United States Coin Help - Offers pictures, guides, articles, facts and news for every US Coin.'s Currency Converter - A handy tool for calculating exchange rates (for general reference only, not for ordering).

Bills from the Bank of Canada - Collector Paul Wallis' information about Canadian banknotes -- news, art, information, and further links.

Banknotes.Com - A very informative world banknote website with tips for beginning collectors, grade specifications and descriptions, and more.

How To Spot Fake Silver Coins & Buying Silver Guide - Dave's guide to collecting silver coins and bullion. A friendly collection of articles for beginners and enthusiasts.

Bank of Canada - Official website.

The South African Mint - Official website.

The United States Mint - Official website.

The British Royal Mint - Official website.

The Singapore Mint - Official website.

The Royal Australian Mint - Official website.

The Royal Canadian Mint - Official website.

The Canadian Numismatic Association (CNA) - Official website.

The American Numismatic Association (ANA) - Official website.

Canadian Coin News - Online edition of the Canadian newspaper.

Canadian Paper Money Society (CPMS) - Helpful links and information.

USA Coin Book - At this website, you will be able to easily buy, sell, request and auction off your coin collections. Members can keep track of their collection in our easy-to-use online database.

Classical & Medieval Numismatic Society (CMNS) - Helpful links and information.

Ancient Coin Store - Comprehensive, informative, easy-to-use.

Exonumia - historic memorabilia not specifically involving coins or paper currency (medals, badges, tokens, etc.).

U.S.A. Civil War Tokens - tokens, coins, and collectibles associated with the American Civil War.

Kellyco Detectors - handy tools for finding buried treasures -- coins or jewellery.

Coins World - an online community for buying and selling a wide variety of coins from all over the world.

Colnect - a comprehensive online solution for collectors of mass produced collectibles, revolutionizing the collecting experience by providing online Personal Collection management within a designated community.

Coins World - all the information you need on coins and collectables. Greek and foreign coins, bank notes, euros, stamps, medals and more!

Metal Detectors For Sale - The best deals on metal detectors for sale can be found here as well as metal detecting tips, info, finds, and accessories.

Ancient Greek Coins - Brief reference to the very first coins used in ancient Greece and to the reasons that lead ancient Greeks decided on establishing metal coins as a means of exchange.

The Ultimate Guide to Silver Hallmarks - Trying to identify or value a piece of silver jewellry or a silver antique item can be quite daunting and difficult for anyone who is not an expert, which is why the sight of a hallmark often brings a sense of relief that you are going to get a valuable clue.

Sovereign Exchange International Ltd. - Trade your products and services for silver and gold, connect with to a rich new audience that 'bids' with metallic money that can be redeemed for bullion at any time.

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