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J&M's Coin Grading Definitions

There are many factors that interlink to finally decide on a coin's grade. We can't review all the relevant factors here but with the following list of standards given you should be well on your way to understand how to assign initial grades to coins. Our staff would be pleased to explain in further detail to you the specific attributes a given coin in our inventory may have, and why the coin has the grade it does.

Additionally, you can add grades for specially struck collector coins. The same numerical grade in an MS (mint state) coin does not translate into a coin of the same value with another prefix. Other grades can be abbreviated as follows:

Grading is not a science, but comes with years of practice and it is possible that two qualified graders may disagree about the final grade of a coin. We at J&M do stand behind our grades, and certainly for coins graded MS60 or below their should never be any difference of opinion. Coins which are uncirculated have many different attributes, some of which may appeal to one grader and not another. However, our grading opinions should be bang on, or at the most possibly within one grade level of an independent firm.

We also offer for sale coins already independently graded by non interested parties which take some of the risk out of buying high grade coins. Know your dealer. And familiarize yourself with the standards that individual grading companies utilize to ensure that you yourself are happy with them.

J&M has liberal return policies on all coins we sell, including independently graded ones, however it is becoming an increasingly common practice amongst some coin dealers to consider third party graded coins to be non returnable due to grade.

Third party grading companies all have different standards and it is not unusual for two different grading houses to occasionally arrive at a different conclusion on the grade of the same coin. Sometimes, this difference can be wildly off, resulting in a high price difference. Therefore, it is important when buying third party graded coins that you not only understand their respective methods of grading but also that you yourself understand grading to confirm or contradict their findings and satisfy yourself with your purchase.

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