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Silver Maple Leaf Coins with Privy Marks

Specifications: Same as for all $5 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coins

In 1998, to mark their 90th anniversary, the Royal Canadian Mint added a special privy mark to a limited number of Silver Maple Leaf coins. Since then, the mint and several other companies -- such as Dillon-Gage, MTB Bank, and even Canada Post -- have begun producing these limited issue privy mark Silver Maple Leafs with the animals of the Chinese zodiac, special millennium fireworks, and even to remember the Titanic.

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Please note that this catalogue is used as both an ordering tool and the only online reference list of its kind. We do not always have every item available in every grade, nor do we have every older coin or set. However, we tend to have many items available in many grades. Rare or hard to obtain items may not be available. Anything not currently available can be located for you if you request by sending an e-mail, fax, or by calling.

Description Mintage Price
1908-1998 90th Anniversary [59.95]  13,025  Sold Out 
1998 Titanic [59.95]  26,000  Sold Out 
1998 Year of the Tiger  25,000     59.95   
1998 R.C.M.P.  25,000     69.95   
1998 R.C.M.P. Privy Mark Coin and Stamp Set       75.00   
1999 Year of the Rabbit  25,000     59.95   
2000 Year of the Dragon SOLD OUT  25,000  [69.95] 
2000 Hanover Expo (Two available)  15,000     175.00   
2001 Year of the Snake [59.95]  25,000  Sold Out 
2002 Year of the Horse [59.95]  25,000  Sold out 
2003 Year of the Sheep  25,000     59.95   
2004 Year of the Monkey  25,000     59.95   
2004 D-Day [limited quantity]  12,500     79.95   
2004 Desjardins [79.95]  15,000  Sold Out 
2004 Western Zodiac 12-Coin Set [660.00]    Sold Out 
2005 Year of the Rooster  15,000     59.95   
2005 Tulip, Liberation (Dutch Royal Mint)  3,500  []155.00] 
2005 VE-Day (USA M4 Sherman Tank) [79.95]  6,982  Sold out 
2005 VJ-Day (Battleship -- USS Missouri) [79.95]  6,982  Sold out 
2006 Year of the Dog  10,000     59.95   
2007 Year of the Pig [59.95]  10,000  Sold Out 
2008 Year of the Rat  10,000     59.95   
2009 Year of the Ox  10,000     59.95   
2009 Brandenburg Gate  5,000  Sold Out 
2009 Tower Bridge  5,000  Sold Out 
2012 Tower of Pisa [42.95]  5,000  Sold Out 
2012 Titanic [47.50]    Sold Out 
2013 Year of the Snake       45.00   
2014 World Money Fair in Berlin [Limit 2 per customer]  7,500     94.95   
2015 American Numismatic Association in Chicago  5,000     79.95   
Deluxe Silver Maple Leaf Case (1988 to date)  n/a     59.95   
Deluxe Silver Maple Leaf Capsules for above case, ea.   n/a     1.00   
All prices shown in Canadian Dollars